The Oculus Rift

If you have the computer to handle the Rift, you need it.


The Oculus Rift + Virtual Reality Touch System

Price : $399 from Amazon

If you have the computer to handle the Rift, you need it. With the price down all the way to $399 for the Oculus Rift + Virtual Reality Touch System, you truly can’t pass up this deal. The Oculus Rift is by far the most fun I’ve had with video games in some time.

When it comes to the actual physical system, I’ve noticed a significant amount of complaints with the excess wires. The Touch System includes the headset, 2 sensors, and 2 wireless remotes. The headset requires an HDMI port and USB, each sensor requires a USB port. I can admit the wires can be a bit frustrating, but honestly I really haven’t noticed them at all. In fact I’ve actually used the wire from the headset as a reference to stay centered in the room.

The tracking is amazing and the boundaries you set up for yourself around the room make punching the wall a rarity. The controllers, as designed, feel like natural hand motions and are easy to use even with my toddler hands. The headset is a bit big for my tiny-ass head, but no one else seems to complain about it, so I’ll live with it. All the features lead to a truly immersed feeling for the player.

I am really blown away by this system, along with everyone I’ve also had try it out. If you’re even questing the Rift, the answer is yes. For the love of god yes.

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