When you get photobomed by the dog

Nero the pug sneaks into the background at Pebble Beach

Nero the pug sneaks into the background at Pebble Beach


The Megs vs The 2017 Mill Creek Fire Company Video

The Megs film the dedicated volunteers of the Mill Creek Fire Company.

We love to film our fellow first responders! Be sure to check out the 2017 Mill Creek Fire Company Video featuring the dedicated volunteers of Stations 2 and 21.

Thank you for your service Mill Creek!

The Megs vs No Sleep

Ever been so tired that everything is just absolutely hilarious??

I have. That’s what about 4 hours of sleep in a 48 hour period will do to you.  It’s great.

The last two nights, I was fortunate enough to work side by side with my shorter friend, which is always a recipe for laughter, meows, and lots of Epi.  These two nights were no exception.  However, around 6:30 am during our second Meg shift, the delusion set in like never before and soon the tears were flowing.  Tears of laughter; don’t worry.  Due to the earth-shattering rumbles coming from my stomach, (I’ve named the creature Otis) we decided to swing into the local Wawa on the way back from the hospital to calm the hungry beast.  

I can only imagine what the people in the store thought as they watched us walk aimlessly around, laughing at everything in sight, and then just stand in the middle of the store because we were too tired to make a decision on what to eat.  After about 37 minutes (ok it was probably only 2 but it felt like forever) and having 4 people offer to let us cut in front of them in line, despite the fact that we had nothing to buy yet, we decided on donuts.  Shocking, I know.  Since the stature of my smaller friend was more convenient to reach the donuts on the lower shelf, which are the ones we wanted, I let her be the one to collect them.  This is where I went wrong.

Now…..everyone knows that there’s that little box of wax paper squares that you’re supposed to use grab your donut or apple fritter so that you don’t contaminate the rest of the treats and spread your cooties to your fellow pastry-lovers.  So imagine my shock when I look down and watch my best friend and work partner reach her small little mitts into the cabinet and grab her chocolate donut all willy-nilly.  You filthy human… use the squares!  I don’t want your dirty paws all over my donut.  Now aware of and embarrassed by her blatant disregard for all of mankind, Small Meg reached into the box and removed one of those squares to collect my donut; vanilla iced with sprinkles.  Mmm.  She chose the perfect one for me, like only a best friend does, removed it from the cabinet with care, so as not to lose any of the precious sprinkles, licked the entire bottom of the donut, and threw it in the bag.  

She licked my donut. Licked it. Like this was socially acceptable. What kind of animal does that?? I’ll tell you who…

…this kind.

And all I could do was laugh hysterically. By the way, I ate the donut.  If I die, now everyone knows why. 

The Megs vs 13.1 Miles

We only did it for free beer.

It was a normal, shenanigan filled Meg night in Newark when my short friend introduced the idea of running a half marathon. I had already said no prior to this, but now a few drinks in and vulnerable, I caved. So there I sat, at the corner of the bar, registering to run 13.1 miles.

Somewhere around mile 4-5

Ironically enough, we were all set to run the Yuengling Shamrock half marathon in Virginia Beach with a few friends. Having never run a half marathon before or a distance even close to that, we weren’t sure how to train for such a long run. So we didn’t do much of it. Our longest distance prior to the race was 9 miles in a single session and included our usual celebratory post run drink. I mean if you’re going to drink after the event on race day, better make every training day count. So in the end, we essentially just winged it.

Cheers to the Photobomb!

Conditions for race day were ideal for not running a half marathon. With temperatures in the 30’s and sleet/freezing rain, it was nothing but miserable in terms of weather conditions. Despite the motivation to run being minimal, we did it. It was painful, freezing, miserable, and the definition of Meg luck, but we did it.

Thanks to our friends who convinced us to do it. Thanks to Yuengling for such a fun, well organized atmosphere. Oh and damn it Keely!




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7 hour flight. 4 hours of sleep. 5 hour time difference. I don’t know what’s happening.

We arrived in Dublin and after a delay getting to our gate, the ground crew not being prepared, waiting 30 minutes for the checked luggage to start circulating, and finding the right info desk to pick up our travel passes, we finally got to our hostel in City Centre about 2 hours after we landed. We dropped off our luggage in their baggage closet and hit the town. 

Come 3:30, we stopped back to check into our room and settle in. It’s Small Meg’s first time leaving the country, but I’ve traveled a lot and I’ve actually stayed at this hostel before. Let me tell you…a lot can change in 4 years. We walked into our room and I couldn’t tell you what was there because it was pitch black. Once we finally found some light, aka my cell phone flashlight, we found 8 bunk beds crammed in a room. And 3 were occupied with people sleeping. It’s the middle of the afternoon and you’re in Ireland! Wake up! There was a small bathroom attached to the room with a toilet and a small shower that had no walls or curtain.  We found our assigned beds, locked our bags in the storage units, and left to continue our explorations (only after accidentally sitting in a group meeting in the common room with a large group of Germans. The only thing we could distinguish was “whiskey tasting” and that there was a vote taken through raising of hands.)

We returned again at 8:30, after a few drinks of course. Everyone was awake this time, and 2 new girls were there. We kept to ourselves as we removed our bags from that same storage unit. We gathered all of our belongings and walked out the door. We dropped our keys at the front desk and got a very strange look from the man who had checked us in just 5 hours ago. We said goodbye and ran out the door.

Now we’re sitting in our 5 star hotel room. 

In the wise words of Jen, “if you’re going to see or do something unique, make sure you have the best view.” #thanksjen

Lesson of the day: when it comes to hotel rooms, spend the extra money.  

The Megs Travel to Ireland

“I feel like of all the people in my life, I’ve been in the car with you the most.” – Small Meg

Today marks a historic event. Today the Megs travel to Ireland. But in addition to that, it’s small Meg’s first time leaving the country. Someone pray for Ireland.

After Small Meg miraculously woke up from her asystole slumber without an alarm, both Megs finished packing and then met up for the trek to the airport. And a trek it was. We got an AMAZING deal on this trip and are flying round trip for $225. (Yes…I’m kind of an expert at traveling.) So because of our amazing deal, we are flying out of Stewart International Airport in New York. 

So it was a 3 hour drive to the airport. Now you know by now the Megs can’t have a normal road trip…. It took about 4 hours and we only got lost twice. (We found a really nice overlook though when we ended up on the side of a mountain!). The EZ Pass also didn’t read twice, so I guess I’ll be expecting bills in the mail when we get home. (It’s the satellite radio. Also we don’t do tolls.) The GPS got us lost going to Angry Orchard to kill time before the flight, and then we found out it was closed. Classic Meg luck. We decided to go to another local brewery and when we arrived at the run down factory building, which we assumed was a front for a drug smuggling empire, the doors were locked. But the third time is the charm….TGI Fridays is always open. 

We’re currently sitting in the airport (yes we made it) waiting for our flight to board. For those who are interested, Stewart is no longer a dry airport….they fixed that issue! The Long Island iced teas are strong….very strong. Especially when they kick 2 of the bottles into your drink so they open a new bottle and add a splash more. We were supposed to board 50 minutes ago…there’s several security guards by the gate. Hopefully we actually get to leave for Ireland. More to follow.

​Completing the Foursome – Golfing with Strangers for the First Time

We usually start every conversation about golf the same way….and that’s explaining how terrible we are at it. So when we had to golf with two strangers this past week, we were nervous to say the least. 

We are normally on the receiving end of strange glances and double takes when we arrive for tee-time. Everyone always wants to know why 2 young, college aged girls are interested in golf. Our answer is always the same… why not? 
It’s the only sport where drinking is encouraged. I mean you have to walk through a bar to get to the playing field, which is almost always beautiful, and then a beer cart follows you around said course. To us, golf is a great excuse to enjoy the nice weather, drink, and have fun.  Shit, if you don’t feel like walking, you can just drive around in a cart instead! Golf is also a sport that’s known for it’s high level of difficulty, so it’s ok to play like shit. Which is why we always play strategically. Unfortunately, our strategy somewhat failed us this week. 

Mid week, around 2-3pm, has always been our ideal time to tee off. Our normal course is a local, well maintained, public course. The best part is that it’s public. This means that the rules and overall atmosphere of the course are a little more relaxed than those requiring memberships. It’s also significantly cheaper, and since we aren’t any good at all, this is a nice feature. Unfortunately everyone had the same idea this week, and it was crowded on the course. 

After gracefully arriving in our Uber, oh yeah we arrived well seasoned, we stumbled into the clubhouse and redeemed our rainchecks. Due to the crowded course, we were asked to make a foursome for the round and join 2 gentleman that were also ready to tee off. This was something we had feared since we started our unique hobby about a year and a half ago, but they seemed nice, had beer, and assured us that we wouldn’t hold them up. So we went with it. 

Now pretty well sauced from our clubhouse beers, we were playing like our BAC’s would suggest. Despite one of the worst rounds of golf we had ever played, it was hands down one of the most fun. The guys, John and Fran, ended up being very friendly and quite hilarious. We couldn’t help but laugh through the 14 holes we managed to struggle through. From some funny stories to playing barefoot to constantly poking fun at each other’s lack of skill, there wasn’t a dull moment for this foursome. Turns out playing with strangers can be quite entertaining!

Bisquickie the Pancake

​Have you ever been slapped in the face with a pancake? 

Of course the answer is no, right? What kind of question is that? Who would even do that to someone? 


I would.

Let me tell you a little story about the Megs and a giant pancake. Once upon a time, Tall Meg and Small Meg traveled to the magical land of Philadelphia, where contrary to popular belief it is not always sunny. On this particular day, it was cold and overcast, and the Megs went to cheer on Tall Meg’s brother in his first half marathon. After he finished the race, the entire Tall family and Small Meg went out for a celebratory breakfast. Can you guess yet what was on the menu? You got it; pancakes!! And let me tell you, they were delish! However they were also very filling, and Small Meg ended up with one entire pancake left that she just couldn’t finish. Rather than leave the poor fellow behind, we decided to take him with us. 

Now this didn’t go down the way you’re thinking, where the waitress comes back and asks if you’d like a box and then you package it up and put it in a bag and take it home with you. No no no. We paid the check and as we were all getting up from the table, Tall Meg grabbed the pancake off the plate and just carried it out of the restaurant. So now, here are the Megs, wandering the streets of Philadelphia just holding a giant pancake in their hand. Just another Meg day. 

Part 2, coming soon….

The History of Small Meg

Now don’t be fooled… Small Meg wasn’t always the tiny little goofball we’ve all come to know and love. 

Just a short time ago (get it, cause she’s short), MaryKate Selner was delivered by the stork at the ripe age of 8. Selner came into this world with her 5 foot stature, which made for some very awkward encounters until her peers caught up to her. But once they did, they all kept growing and left poor Selner behind. Rather than sobbing into a Lean Cuisine, Selner embraced her newfound smallness. 

After her stint with the lollipop guild, she quickly gained attention from a gnome union based out of southern Iowa. Word quickly spread amongst the red-hatted creatures until finally they presented Selner with her own red hat at the 157th Annual National Garden Gnome Convention. Overwhelmed by their presentation, Selner accepted their request for her to be their leader, and to this day Small Meg still holds that prestigious title.