The Oculus Rift

If you have the computer to handle the Rift, you need it.


The Oculus Rift + Virtual Reality Touch System

Price : $399 from Amazon

If you have the computer to handle the Rift, you need it. With the price down all the way to $399 for the Oculus Rift + Virtual Reality Touch System, you truly can’t pass up this deal. The Oculus Rift is by far the most fun I’ve had with video games in some time.

When it comes to the actual physical system, I’ve noticed a significant amount of complaints with the excess wires. The Touch System includes the headset, 2 sensors, and 2 wireless remotes. The headset requires an HDMI port and USB, each sensor requires a USB port. I can admit the wires can be a bit frustrating, but honestly I really haven’t noticed them at all. In fact I’ve actually used the wire from the headset as a reference to stay centered in the room.

The tracking is amazing and the boundaries you set up for yourself around the room make punching the wall a rarity. The controllers, as designed, feel like natural hand motions and are easy to use even with my toddler hands. The headset is a bit big for my tiny-ass head, but no one else seems to complain about it, so I’ll live with it. All the features lead to a truly immersed feeling for the player.

I am really blown away by this system, along with everyone I’ve also had try it out. If you’re even questing the Rift, the answer is yes. For the love of god yes.

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New Year at the Starboard 2018 – Short Video

Finding ourselves way funnier than we should per usual.

Finding ourselves way funnier than we should per usual.

Norf Norf [Clean] – Vince Staples

The Megs vs Shenandoah 2017 Video

The Megs travel with their friend Trey Small to Shenandoah VA in the name of charity.


The Megs traveled with our good friend Trey Small to Shenandoah VA in 2017 to promote his charity and get into some classic shenanigans. Trey Small is the founder of the non-profit organization Postcard Connect. This is one epic Charity that we love and that you should most definitely check out. Here are just a few highlights of the trip we put together in a fun video.

Long live the Megs and long live Trey Small!

The Meg’s Review : Sony FDR-AX53

All hail the Sony FDR AX-53

Travel videography and filming first responders presents itself with a unique set of challenges. The Sony FDR-AX53 (aka Burtha to us) has proven herself worthy and found a forever home with the Megs. Here are a few reasons why we always recommend this camera first over the rest.


Sony's Camcorder with Balanced Optical Image Stabilization (BOSS)
Sony Magic

All hail the Balanced Optical SteadyShot. We feel like this feature is by far one of the best features built into any camera and should be recognized on it’s own. One of the most difficult parts we have with filming on the move is that we’re filming on the move. We’ve tried just about every avenue of stabilization out there, but the Balanced Optical SteadyShot with Intelligent Active built into the FDR-AX53 has been our favorite by far. This has allowed us to ditch our rigs, tripods, and other bulky equipment in order to free up a hand for beer. Choosing the right option for the right shot does take messing with, but well worth it. Thanks Sony!

High Quality Recording

Small Meg filming at the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland

If there’s a shot you want, there’s a feature on this camera to capture it with. The Sony FDR-AX53 films in multiple recording modes including that thing all the kids are talking about, 4K. While the 4K feature is amazing and slowly taking over HD, the space needed to film is hard to keep up with on the move. The improved stabilization also does not work in the 4K shooting mode. So we recently switched to the Ultra HD mode and have been just as happy with the results. Burtha has a wide variety of features that accommodate almost any environment. From high speed recording in full HD at 120fps to the NIGHTSHOT mode that uses infrared light which can capture images in complete darkness, the features on this camera are well worth the price ($849.99).

We could write for days about how great this camera is and it’s amazing specs. Here’s a link to the  Full Specifications and Features on the Sony website. While we use a wide variety of cameras with multiple brand names, our favorite has been Sony and the FDR-AX53 is our first recommendation when it comes to camcorders.

Killington 2018 Video

The Megs and friends kill it at Killington! Killy Killy!


The Megs and friends kill it at Killington! A special thanks to Black Dog Sports for all their help with our rentals. The Megs definitely approve and recommend!

The Megs vs Killington 2017 – Pictures

Some of our favorite pictures from Killington 2017

So what’s the next adventure lined up for the Megs? Our triumphant return to Killington ski resort in Vermont!

As the countdown winds down to just a few weeks away, the long awaited trip is finally in sight. We can’t wait to share this year’s shenanigans, but until then here are some of our favorite pictures from last year’s trip!

Tall Meg gets ready to head down Easy Street, our favorite trail
The Megs and Abby hanging around the pool table
Group shot during dinner at Sushi Yoshi
The Killington Mountain Lodge
First day on the trails for the Megs
Pit stop on the way home to the Angry Orchard Brewery
Pit stop on the way home to the Angry Orchard Brewery
Pit stop on the way home to the Angry Orchard Brewery

Of course we had to get some postcards signed for the amazing charity Postcard Connect. Our good friend Trey Small founded this non-profit organization that we love to be involved with. We’ll dedicate a post shortly, but for now check out the website for more info!

The group signs postcards that will be sent to random strangers for a great cause
Budweiser rep signs a postcard after Tall Meg wins a puzzle race
Our amazing bartender and the chef at The Killington Mountain Lodge sign postcards
New friends at the bar sign postcards to send to strangers


The Megs and Friends vs The Claw Machine

Claw Machine Control

A single arcade-style claw machine sits in the back of the Starboard Restaurant in Dewey, Delaware. For every 50¢ donated to the Fun Zone machine gods, you’re given a 20 second opportunity to be an avian hero and liberate one of its helpless, caged prisoners. It’s easy to get lost in the moments of sheer adrenaline and continue to throw money into these emotional victories. Add a little breakfast booze into the mix and suddenly your group has put in somewhere close to $50, or maybe a little more.

Winning Duck Gif_1
The ring master successfully snags another prize

Proving her reputation of perfection right yet again, Tall Meg found another talent of hers buried in the machine. Collecting a total of somewhere around 27 ducks, the joy of winning was even further enhanced by our new small friend. A little kid and his family having breakfast right next to the machine ended up leaving with 19 more rubber ducks than they arrived with.

Cheers to our hilarious friends for the fun times and cheers to the rich genius that installed this thing.