The Megs and Friends vs The Claw Machine

Claw Machine Control

A single arcade-style claw machine sits in the back of the Starboard Restaurant in Dewey, Delaware. For every 50¢ donated to the Fun Zone machine gods, you’re given a 20 second opportunity to be an avian hero and liberate one of its helpless, caged prisoners. It’s easy to get lost in the moments of sheer adrenaline and continue to throw money into these emotional victories. Add a little breakfast booze into the mix and suddenly your group has put in somewhere close to $50, or maybe a little more.

Winning Duck Gif_1
The ring master successfully snags another prize

Proving her reputation of perfection right yet again, Tall Meg found another talent of hers buried in the machine. Collecting a total of somewhere around 27 ducks, the joy of winning was even further enhanced by our new small friend. A little kid and his family having breakfast right next to the machine ended up leaving with 19 more rubber ducks than they arrived with.

Cheers to our hilarious friends for the fun times and cheers to the rich genius that installed this thing.


Author: Kate Selner

I like to make people look cool on the internets with social media content. I especially like to make videos.

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