The Megventures

The Adventures of Tall Meg and Small Meg

Two best friends who are always in the mood for shenanigans. Having lived together, gone to school together, traveled together, worked together, and even practiced medicine together, these 2 good-humored friends have a unique friendship that you can’t find anywhere else. So don’t expect to find a blog like this one anywhere else.


This hilarious duo is on the hunt for adventure and they’re documenting it all, from funny quotes and crazy stories taken straight from the journals they’re kept in, to silly selfies, to filming every second they possibly can with their arsenal of video equipment. The Megs are excited to share their experiences as they amusingly go through this epic journey called life

The History Of The Megs

“Kate Selner (Small Meg) was born at the ripe age of 8 while her tall partner Emily Mallon (Tall Meg) sprouted during the fruitful growing season”

IMG_20170908_210603_1Kate and Emily began their epic friendship in 2014 during Paramedic school, which is also where they coined their unique nicknames. Tall Meg and Small Meg were given their titles from their classmates as they were usually at the end of everyone’s jokes and were notorious for the bad luck they shared. You guessed it, just like  the cartoon character Meg from Family Guy. Oh and there’s also a height difference of 11 inches between them. Able to find the humor in almost any situation, Kate and Emily embraced their new persona and have been making the best of it ever since.

GOPR2689.MP4.00_05_20_17.Still003With just a few months left of Paramedic school and the grueling process of field training looming overhead, the two decided to do something that most friendships don’t make it through or even dare attempt, they moved in together. Not only did the Megs survive, you could most definitely say they thrived. They were able to quickly get through their training with each other’s support and celebrate their success together. During the intense process and all that followed, the two grew even closer in the year spent in, what was well known as, the Meg Mansion. They now even have the opportunity to call each other partners for the occasional overtime shift.


Snapchat-687852945It didn’t take long for the Megs to find out they shared an interest, and talent, in photography and videography. This new found talent was easily coupled with their love of adventure and the two began to hit record as they carried on with their usual shenanigans. Short videos of vacations and antics turned into large scale social media projects. The two quickly became well known throughout the local public safety community for producing recruitment videos that highlight their fellow first responders. You can still find the Megs making these short social media hits, but their love of adventure, traveling, drinking, selfies, funnies, and all other fun opportunities life has to offer has lead them to starting this blog.